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Sisterhood of Stepmoms

stepmomThe role of stepmom is one in which people are quick to judge, slow to support and rarely ever be able to understand…unless they’re in the trenches themselves! When I inherited two children by marriage in the fall of 2007, I received such conflicting, contradictory and sometimes downright bad advice! I felt illequipped to know how to navigate that particular role, so I went in search of my own answers to questions like, “How do you have healthy boundaries in a stepfamily?” and “What does it look like to be a good stepmom?” and “How does a stepmom’s role differ from that of a bio or adoptive mom?”

The first best thing I did was release people’s expectations of me and learn to embrace the natural progression of my family life, knowing I did my best to be kind and respectful to everyone in my home. The second best  help to aid in my journey of stepmom was forming a support group as a sounding board and safe haven of understanding from other likeminded stepmoms. I highly recommend you start one yourself.

One member of my group plays a key role in another great resource for stepmoms called the Sisterhood of Stepmoms. They’ve got an interactive Facebook page and website designed to let you know when retreats are coming up to encourage and equip stepmoms to do their jobs with intelligence and grace. Check it out at: sisterhoodofstepmoms.com.