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About Me


32515979240dd7f3d18728ff8e41c2e00d22962Hi there! I’m Catherine…wife to Jeff, stepmom to Delaney (15) and Max (12), and adoptive mom to Hayes (4) and Hadley (3). I created this website to marry my two passions in life: Equipping people to care for the orphan through adoption, foster care and/or advocacy and equipping stepmoms with the support they need to manage what I feel is the hardest (yet potentially very rewarding) motherhood role of all.

When the “I Am Second” movement hit to inspire people to live for God first and themselves second, I thought to myself…My life is all about being second.  A second wife, a stepmom, a mom to two children whose birth moms had to surrender their rights…Being second does not mean less than first. It just means you need to acquire a unique set of tools to survive and thrive in your family life.

I’m hoping that as you join me in the journey of navigating family life, we can swap stories and survival strategies with each other to keep the conversation going, to inspire us to be better and live better and encourage one another along the way. The only thing I ask is that we keep the tone respectful.

A little more background on myself: I grew up in Hawaii where my whole family still lives. I pursued this pipe dream of being a television broadcaster in my early 20s. I worked as a television reporter for a station in Bangor, Maine and then accepted an offer as the weekend/anchor reporter for WMBDTV 31 News in Peoria, IL. That’s where I met my husband, Jeff. When we married, I inherited his two children. In October 2010, we adopted our son, Hayes, from Russia. And in June 2014, we adopted our three year old daughter, Hadley, from China. I have been working at WCICFM for the past five years, first doing the morning show and now enjoying afternoon drive from 37pm weekdays.

My husband and I are passionate orphan advocates and love traveling overseas to explore new cultures and serve kids. We hope to move overseas someday…but for now, Peoria, IL is our home.