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Don’t Flush! And Other Desperate Attempts to Get Sleep


My Haddie girl past midnight

What’s the most extreme measure you’ve taken to make sure your baby stays asleep?

I’m blogging waaaaay past my bedtime. I’m typing when I’d rather be sleeping, making scrambled eggs (yes! scrambled eggs at midnight for my always-hungry-orphan-no-more-who-eats-more-than-my-fifteen-year-old!) when I’d rather be dreaming and crying from the sheer madness of it all.

After five months of sporadic sleep since adopting our daughter, we coaxed our five-year-old son into talking his sister down from her temper tantrums once the bedtime stories were read and my husband and I were ready to leave the room. Our son was happy for a time to be a Big Helper to Mom and Dad, two people rendered desperate by sleep deprivation.

So this past week, we finally settled into a rhythm, but then I discovered our daughter was waking up whenever someone went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Now, in our house, all six of us share an itty-bitty-bathroom wedged between two bedrooms, one of which belongs to our daughter. So I made a hard and fast rule–UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANYONE FLUSH THE TOILET BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND 6:30 A.M. Gross, right? But when Mamma needs her beauty sleep, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will get in the way! If you’re uncomfortable with this rule, GO OUTSIDE. Strap on some Depends. I will not have my precious sleep ruined by a compulsion to flush.

Just when I started to question my logic, I read about one mom in Manhattan who shelled out $2,000 to solicit the advice of a sleep expert and spent another $1,250 on a sleep lab study to analyze her daughter’s night terrors, sleep apnea and desire to wake up and stay up at all hours of the night. Thousands of bucks later, she was simply told to just do whatever it takes to exhaust her child during the day in hopes that she’s dead tired at night.

So I’ve got a DANCE-OFF going in the morning AND at night for my kids. It’s fun, it’s great exercise but best of all IT WEARS THEM OUT! When it’s this frigid outside, the kids don’t have enough outlets to burn off their crazy energy. So we crank it up, shake it off and hope it helps them sleep through the night…

What about you? What crazy measures have you tried to get your kid to stay asleep? 


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