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Category: Marriage


When Mommy Needs a Time Out

If we met on the street, you’d probably think I was sweet. And I certainly can be. You might tune into my podcast and get the...


Who comes first–your kids or your spouse?

Who comes first–your kids or your spouse? Ask any couple this question and odds are they’d insist hands-down, their spouse...


Daughter Dearest: Mommy Wants Her Mojo Back!

I threw on sweatpants and a t-shirt today. I never wear sweatpants. Or t-shirts. I like to glam it up to greet the day. But I.give.up....


Reflections on the “Seven-Year Itch”

Seven years ago today, I made the hardest phone call of my life. It went something like this: “Uh, Mom…It’s...